Indian Street Food

Indian street food is sold by vendors and it’s traditionally known as “chaat” in India. One of the best ways to enjoy Indian street food is by having a local guide who is familiar with all the favorite places and local cuisine. There are so many fresh and unique foods to try, but there are also some local favorite Indian street food snacks that shouldn’t be missed.

Bhel Puri is one of those favorites, which is made with rice puffs, gram flour noodles, potatoes and onions. What makes this dish special is that it is also made with sweet, green and garlic chutney’s, which add a lot of flavors to the dish. This is traditionally served as a snack and it can be found at street vendors in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities.

Another favorite Indian street food Dahi Vada is a dish that is made with fried vadas, which are lentil based savory balls. A combination of coriander leaves, green chilies, cumin and yogurt make this dish a favorite snack of India. It can also be found made with shredded coconut or mint leaves for a unique and different treat.

Pav Bhaaji is another Indian street food that is a must try. Pav means bread and bhaaji is a spicy curry made with mixed vegetables, cumin seeds, green chilies, coriander seeds, turmeric and other spices. The bread is roasted on one side and served with hot bhaaji. It’s a great combination as well as a local favorite. This is a great snack in the afternoon and it is also enjoyed as a light meal on the go.

Indian street food has so much to offer its locals and travelers alike. With all the great and tasty snacks and other cuisines that are available in Indian street food, visitors are presented with the challenge of deciding what and where to eat. The next time you are in the mood for Indian street food, look to these popular snacks, which are now available in many large cities in the US.



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