Indiana Jones: Style

Are you a fan of Indian Jones: Hero and are looking to incorporate Indiana Jones: Style to your wardrobe? To create your own Indiana Jones style that works for the real world tone down the icon’s signature pieces and make the rest of your outfit your own. Here are a few tips to help you emulate Harrison Ford's rugged, sexy look from the Indian Jones movies without looking like you’re going out for Halloween. 

  1. Find the perfect old hat. This is the centerpiece of the Indiana Jones style. You don’t need an exact replica of Indy’s fedora to make an impression. Any hat that doesn’t advertises a sports team or energy drink is going to set you apart today. Look for a classic headpiece that works with your features.
  2. Ask your hairstylist for a short conservative haircut to add some Indiana Jones style to your look. Under Indy’s signature hat was a basic short cut. The Indiana Jones movies take place in the 40s and 50s. Men’s cuts were simple at this time. If you want to steal the Indiana Jones style opt for a simple short cut. Forget going overboard with product too. Just make sure to condition your hair so your locks look touchable soft.    
  3. Wear wire frame glasses. Although he didn’t wear them all the time, Indiana had a pair of reading glasses he’d put on whenever he examined important artifacts or was teaching a class. These glasses are a subtle component of the Indiana Jones style that you can easily incorporate into your own look. If you have bad eyes instead of using contacts buy a pair of simple wire framed specs to steal Indy’s hot professor look.
  4. Forget to shave. Indiana Jones style is all about the five o’clock shadow. Hey you can’t always find time or a place to shave when you’ve jet setting across Europe with Nazis on your tail or hiking through a jungle.  
  5. Stick to browns and tans. These are the signature colors associated with the Indiana Jones style. Instead of blue jeans opts for khakis and light colored dress slacks.   
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