Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

If you're a Colts fan, be grateful for the Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders. After all, Peyton Manning is a decent football player, but he's not hot. The Colts cheerleaders, however, are extremely hot and they're on the sidelines for every game. The amazing thing is that most of them are from Indiana. Who would have thought the Heartland could produce such a beautiful bounty? We've compiled a list of some the hottest Colts cheerleaders.

  1. Erin C. With a smile that can light up Lucas Oil Stadium and wholesome Hoosier hometown girl looks, Erin is the ideal addition to the Colts organization. She considers herself hardworking and quirky, and when asked to give advice to kids, she cites the Golden Rule. She's also a veteran cheerleader who's been to the Universal Cheerleaders Association nationals, so she's got a pretty hot resume, too.
  2. LeAndra B. This hometown Indy girl describes herself as cute, sweet and goofy. We could tell just by looking at her. What isn't so obvious is that she likes to eat in bed, but we won't hold that against her.
  3. Alex A. Alex's favorite food is cheese ravioli. You have to love a girl who's willing to get ready for a grueling game by doing some serious carbo loading. Even better than that. She's an artist who doesn't like to go anywhere without her sketching supplies. We love creativity.
  4. Stefanie B. Terre Haute's Stefanie is a survivor. If she were stranded on deserted island, she'd make sure she had her Brita water filter and her Swiss Army knfie. That's some practical thinking. If we're ever stranded on a deserted island, we'd like to bring Stefanie along, please.
  5. Crystal Anne B. Some of Crystal Anne's favorite foods are potatoes and frozen yogurt, but we're going to hope that she rarely eats them at the same time. She's from Ohio, but we can't blame her for coming to Indiana to cheer for the Colts rather than stay at home and go to Browns or Bengals games. We just hope Ohio doesn't find out or they'll demand that she be given back.
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