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Much of the recent rise in popularity and awareness of non-major label music can be accredited to the wealth of indie music blogs online. Acting like an roughly banded army of music lovers, they’re able to seek out and share the best indie bands and songs out there, giving the groups a level of public awareness that was pretty much impossible before the information age. Below is your guide to the best and most popular indie music blogs to watch. With them, you’ll always be privy to the latest releases and best new music out there.

  1. Stereogum. Set up much like an online magazine for indie music, Stereogum is constantly updated with news, releases, songs, and videos. For many indie music lovers, it is the single go-to website for finding the more popular independent artists out there. Its rich multimedia content and slick design make it one of the most attractive and fun-to-browse indie music blogs around.
  2. The Needle Drop. Founded by the “internet’s busiest music nerd” Anthony Fantano, The Needle Drop had its humble beginnings as a Youtube channel. In recent months, it has steadily gained popularity among indie music listeners, propelling the rapid development of this offbeat and often funny indie music blog. Its format is somewhat unique, in that the majority of its content are video reviews of indie tracks and albums. In addition to the more popular independent releases, The Needle Drop often covers more eclectic, offbeat artists that other blogs tend to ignore.
  3. All Songs Considered. Owned and operated by National Public Radio, All Songs Considered is tops among indie music blogs for journalistic quality. In addition to live concert footage and music videos, the blog delves deep into music news and interviews, developing an unrivaled content database for indie music lovers. Though it’s updated less frequently than some other blogs, All Songs Considered consistently delivers high quality, in depth material for the inquisitive audiophile.
  4. Gorilla Vs. Bear. When you need a quick, concise dose of indie music updates and videos, Gorilla Vs. Bear is the indie music blog of choice. Run almost clandestinely on a .net domain, Gorilla Vs. Bear is truly “indie” in every sense of the word, even the majority of its ads are for albums by independent bands. And for the on-the-go music fanatic, its Twitter feed is updated continuously, with plenty of links to cool news and media. 
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