Individual Lacrosse Drills

While lacrosse is a team sport, you can work on your game by yourself with these individual lacrosse drills. If you want to improve as a lacrosse player, try doing some of these individual lacrosse drills in addition to your team practices. Each of these individual lacrosse drills can be performed in the comfort of your driveway, backyard, or at a local park or gym. A few hours a week of practice will have your teammates raving about your overall improvement.

  1. Shoot and Catch. For this individual lacrosse drill, you will need a wall. While a gymnasium wall is preferable, a garage door may work as well. Simply whip the ball as hard as you can (without damaging the wall) and try to catch the ball as it bounces back to you. Throw the ball at different angles and at different parts of the wall, so the ball will be returned to you in different positions, with different jumps and skips.
  2. Run and Scoop. Throw a lacrosse ball ten to fifteen feet in front of you. Run towards the ball and practice scooping up the ball while on the run. This individual lacrosse drill may sound simple and unnecessary, but it is harder to scoop a ball on the run than you would think, and the last thing you want is to screw up this situation in a game. For added difficulty, try using only one arm.
  3. Target Practice. Set up a bottle, cone, marker, or any other object that can be used as a target between five and twenty feet in front of you. Practice hitting the target, making sure to shoot from a variety of angles and distances. This individual lacrosse drill will work on your accuracy in regards to passing and getting shots on goal.
  4. Cradle Day. In football, when a running back has fumbling problems, a common exercise is to carry a football around in the proper position for the entire day. Mimic football players with this individual lacrosse drill. Keep a ball and stick on you all day, cradling the ball unless something forces you to put the stick down.
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