Indoor Paintball Equipment Essentials

Indoor paintball is a great sport that can be enjoyed by all ages, and you can get started with just a few indoor paintball equipment essentials. The game involves strategy, exercise, and bursts of adrenaline. As long as you have the right paintball equipment, you will be able to enjoy getting out there in the thick of things.

  1. Marker. This is your indoor paintball gun. There are quite a few different types of guns available but they all fall into two basic groups. There are electric paintball guns and mechanical paintball guns. Mechanical guns are pretty basic and tend to be more durable. Electronic guns use a computer chip to operate the trigger.
  2. Gas Tanks. This paintball equipment is what you need to power your gun. The two different types of gas tanks are CO2 tanks and Air tanks. CO2 is quite often used on lower end guns and should not be used unless the gun specifically states it can handle it.
  3. Hoppers. It is important in paintball to have something to feed your paintballs into your gun. You can find them either motorized, or ones that just use gravity. Keep in mind that if you use a motorized one, it will need batteries. You may want to keep some with you so you don't run out of power in the middle of a game.
  4. Paintballs. There is no such thing a paintball without the paintballs. Choose your paintballs carefully and conserve if you can because they can get expensive.
  5. Mask. This is a extremely important paintball equipment essential. It protects your face, your head and your eyes when you are out there playing.



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