Indoor Paintball Guns For Advanced Paintballers

There are indoor paintball guns for advanced paintballers out there. The best paintball guns can provide the advanced players with what they need when it comes to an ultimate paintball gun. Not only that, but the player has full control over the gun that they choose to use during game play. This allows advanced players to be even more advanced during the game.

  1. Tippman 98 AK 47. The Tippman 98 AK 47 is a large gun, but with a large gun comes power. It can be used both inside and outside when playing paintball. This is because you want to ensure that you get the most power with the right gun. This is not only inexpensive, but it is easy to handle and experts in the paintball field feel this is the top pick when it comes to indoor play.
  2. Azodin Blitz 2011. The Azodin Blitz is a gun that a lot of players, even the beginners enjoy. This is because the gun has easy handling, but also a lot of power. It can be silenced as well so there is no need to worry about it echoing through the rooms when it goes off inside. This is why they choose this gun over a lot of others.
  3. Bob Long G6R Gen 6 Intimidator. The intimidator is a paintball gun that many experienced players like to play with. Not only does it shoot fast, but it provides excellent grips for running and holding on during game play. They enjoy this if there are a lot of obstacles in the course.
  4. BT BT4 ERC. The BT BT4 is a gun that is not widely known by first time players. This is why experts in the paintball field like to get them and show them off. They are quiet and do not give the kick that normal guns give when firing. Their firing range is not as far as the above guns however. This is why it is not at the top of the list.
  5. CCI Phantom. The Phantom is exactly that, quiet. It doesn’t have a lot of power which is why it is so quiet. It is great for sneaking up on opponents however. This is great for in a large room and quietly stalking your pray. The controls are a bit hard to navigate, but for experts it can be wonderful. 



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