Indoor Paintball Guns For Beginners

Want to know about indoor paintball guns for beginners? Beginners are generally buying all the equipment needed so price is definitely a factor when they are selecting a paintball gun. But, they also want to make sure they are buying a quality gun which wont break down or need a lot of custom work, work they do not yet know how to perform. In addition to this indoor ranges have specific needs, like specific ball velocities, so a gun with easy velocity adjustments is important also. Indoor paintball is generally a faster, closer game than is sometimes played outdoors. Because of this, pistol and pump type paintball markers tend to put a player at a disadvantage. The beginner indoor paintball shooter will want fast high volume fire capability with efficent air use for long games. This article will try and provide a few examples of good indoor paintball guns for beginners.

  1. Kingman Spyder Opus $100 and up – Kingman is known for very reasonably priced, yet good quality paintball markers, especially suited for the beginner shooter. With their all aluminum construction they are rugged for those close range, fast paced indoor paintball matches. The Opus line has their patent pending Air Efficient EKO Valve System to make the most out of your air supply. With their standard full features such as clamping collar feed neck, quick release bolt, tool free striker plug design,  braided hose, two finger trigger, and external velocity regulator, the Opus is a great place for the beginner to start.
  2. Tippmann Custom 98 Platinum  $120 and up – Tippmann is one of the oldest and most respected names in paintball. A beginner, or pro can not go wrong when buying a Tippmann paintball gun for indoors use. The 98 series is cheaply priced with Tippmann quality parts and features, and it is an easy gun to modify and customize as the beginner learns and grows in the sport. Features like a split receiver, secure sight pins, and easy remove power tube, make it a easy gun to maintain. An external velocity control make velocity adjustments easy for indoors regulations. This one is hard to beat.
  3. BT- 4 Combat $110 and up – This is a a fully upgradeable marker designed for hard fast use. Designed for military type scenario events, this is a very flexible marker. Picatinny rails meet military standards for addition of external accessories. Stainless steel bottom line gives durability. A modular trigger assembly gives fully upgradeable trigger capability. Accepts both vertical and horizontal bottles. It also includes an external tournament legal velocity adjuster. This is a good place to start if the beginning indoor paintball shooter has an idea they might like to get into military type scenario shooting.
  4. Tippmann Gryphon $70 up – This one is designed to be a very affordable starter gun. Tippmann quality insures it won't disappoint even in a basic paintball gun. It comes packed with features such as internal gasline for sleek look, center feed design for mobility, high impact body for durability, blade trigger for ease of use, high performance ported barrel for accuracy and quiet use, and most important of all, the legendary reliability of the Tippmann inline bolt system. This is a great place for the beginner indoor paintball shooter on a tight budget.

There are just a few indoor paintball guns for beginners. They all come from well respected companies and are priced for the beginner on a budget who also has to purchase the rest of his equipment. Most of them are fully upgradeable for the ability of the paintball gun to grow with the shooter as he progresses from an indoor paintball beginner, to a pro. With the relatively close range, fast paced indoor game, durability, high capacity, and efficiency of air are all qualities which make a good indoor paintball gun for beginners. Enjoy the sport of indoor paintball…

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