Indoor Paintball Masks For Beginners

In every sport there is some essential equipment a player needs to have before getting stated, indoor paintball masks for beginners is the basic when it comes to getting involved with the vast world of paintball.

  1. JT USA Elite Headshield is a quality indoor paintball mask for beginners. This mask is reasonably prices, normally under fifty dollars.  It rarely fogs and offers a full range of vision while still protecting the entire head.  All these qualities place in on this list of indoor paintball masks for beginners. On top of that this mask offers a chin strap to keep it in place, it offers ease of hearing, and good ventilation.
  2. The Vforce Armor is a great indoor paintball mask for beginners because of several reasons. It has a very clear lens that is easy to change.  It also provides a visor to keep the sun and rain out of a player’s eyes.  The mask is durable and cleans easily. There will be minimal fog when wearing the mask in various climates.  Finally this is on the list of quality indoor paintball masks for beginners because it has foam inserts that make it comfortable for many players, and is usually under forty dollars.
  3. The Vforce Morph is one of the better masks on this list of indoor paintball masks for beginners. It carries a price tag that is generally close to eighty dollars, but is well worth it. This mask is light, comfortable, and very well ventilated. Another great aspect of this mask is that it doesn't fog, even for players who sweat profusely. The morph is an indoor paintball mask for beginners that fits snug and comfortable, allows balls to easily bounce, and is flexible enough to maintain good visibility.
  4. The Proto Switch FS offers some of the best field of vision of any of the indoor paintball masks for beginners on this list. There is no fogging, whatsoever, and the lens is easy to remove and replace. It's made of a soft enough rubber as to be comfortable and keep those balls bouncing off, but still gives sound protection.  It is comfortably padded with foam to soften the blows of any hits. Additionally is is very well ventilated, is easy to clean and has a good, tight fit. Generally speaking, these masks cost about seventy dollars, which makes them reasonable, and still able to hold up to various different types of games.
  5. JT USA Proflex is a good quality mask for the price. It gets a player in the game while still offering good protection. It is a durable mask with a good amount of breathability. It offers many choices in lenses, chin straps, and colors, lending it versatility to everyone's sense of style. The thermal lens keeps all fogging at bay so a player can maintain the highest level of visibility. Its mouth guard allows a player to still be understood while talking, and its ear guards offer both protection and the ability to still hear what's going on.
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