Indoor Skydiving Equipment Essentials

Although indoor skydiving equipment essentials are quite similar to regular outdoor skydiving equipment, there are several key distinctions you need to understand. Indoor skydiving is performed in a controlled environment by ways of a vertical wind tunnel. There are many indoor skydiving facilities located throughout the United States. No experience is needed to try indoor skydiving but there are certain guidelines that must be adhered to with regards to proper indoor skydiving equipment.

  1. Helmet. A helmet is strongly recommended as an indoor skydiving equipment essential. Helmets are available in full face and open face, you can also choose from an array of colors. Helmets with digital cameras and sound systems are also available to choose from, but the most important characteristic to remember when choosing a helmet is how much of an impact it is designed to absorb. The helmet should also be comfortable and fit properly.
  2. Harness and Container. A harness and container is essential to keep the body connected to the parachute. The most important elements pertaining to the harness and container are that they need to be robust and comfortable.
  3. Parachutes. Main and reserve parachute are needed. The most imperative characteristic of a skydiving parachute is the construction materials and wing loading. The wing loading should be measured to be one-pound per square foot and equal to your weight. The cost of a parachute is approximately $2000 or higher.
  4. Altimeter. An altimeter is important piece of skydiving equipment essential. An altimeter provides a compass and the attitude indicator; it may also include features to measure barometric pressure, temperature levels, and an attitude alarm.  
  5. Jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is an important piece of skydiving equipment because it can control the impact of your fall rate, speed, and direction. The jumpsuit also protects the body from the cold. When purchasing a jumpsuit ensure that it is manufactured with a quality fabric and has a money back guarantee. The cost of a jumpsuit is approximately $200.


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