Indoor Skydiving Spots In Arizona

Where are indoor skydiving spots in Arizona? Indoor skydiving is one of the new and fun sports people are looking to partake in. It has most of the excitement and fun of outdoor skydiving, without the danger. It can be participated in in any kind of weather and by almost any relatively healthy person. Indoor skydiving is accomplished by the power of a large fan. A large wind tunnel type fan is placed in the floor of a facility. It then is used to create the sensation and feeling of skydiving from an airplane. The force of the wind from the fan holds the skydiver above suspended above the floor of the facility. All sorts of acrobatic maneuvers that can be performed by a free falling skydiver can be performed in the indoor skydiving spot.

  1. SkyVenture Eloy Arizona  With SkyVentures onsite trainers and instructors, almost anyone will be indoor skydiving on their first visit. There are various price rates and packages. Discounts and gift certificates are available. Prices range for first time skydivers range form $40 to $80 for a visit depending upon age and package purchased. All gear needed to indoor skydive is included in prices. Experienced divers rates are purchased in five minute increments starting at $90 for the first five minutes. 4900 North Taylor Street Eloy, AZ 85131-9759

That is the only indoor skydiving spot listed in Arizona. Indoor skydiving is a great alternative to regular skydiving, or even as a companion to regular skydiving. The indoor skydiving spot allows one to skydive inside no matter what the weather. People that cannot physically skydive from a plane may also be able to skydive from an indoor skydiving spot. While perhaps not a cheap pastime, it is fun, with a capital F, and allows you to experience the feeling of free fall without the inherent dangers of jumping from a perfectly good airplane as old Clint would say. Enjoy the indoor skydiving spot in Arizona if you visit it.  



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