Indoor Skydiving Spots In Atlanta

If you’re into skydiving and are near the greater Atlanta area, then these three indoor skydiving spots in Atlanta will pique your interest. Skydiving is a psychotic adrenaline rush and not everyone can afford or stomach those twenty thousand foot drops from Heaven’s underbelly back down to earth. Indoor skydiving gives you some of the thrill with the use of vertical wind tunnels, without the threat of death. Atlanta has five solid opportunities to enjoy indoor skydiving so why not take one for a ride. Granted Vertical tunnel skydiving isn’t a wide attraction like bowling or some other low challenge activity. As such the amount of facilities is limited. Atlanta being an enormous city is proud to boast three of the better facilities in the country but again their abundance is nonexistent.

Three Atlanta area indoor skydiving facilities to check out:

  1. Adventure Sport Skydiving: Enjoy the rush of your cheeks being pushed back into your skull without the ungodly sight of earth rushing towards you. This top of the technology ladder facility has the best vertical wind tunnel in the state and some great staffers to help you realize the thrill. Adventure Sport Skydiving: 3240 S Cobb Dr SE Atlanta, GA. 30080 (770) 405-1046
  2. Atlanta Skydiving Center: Boasting both the outdoor and indoor variety APC can take you indoors for some safe fun or kick you out of a perfectly good airplane and fourteen-thousand feet. They even have a deck so your family and friends can witness the insanity. The beauty here is it is all your choice. Atlanta Skydiving Center: 1-800-607-JUMP (5867) located outside of Hartsfield International Airport.
  3. Vertsky Sports Center: Adrenaline is in no shortage here. The wide mouth vertical tunnel leaves plenty of room to experiment with tricks like corkscrews and flips. As well, this establishment offers the highest ceiling level in the state and quick drop and stop rate to give you the best in free fall experiences. Vertsky Sports Center: 78514 N Macon St. Atlanta, GA. 30088 (770) 256-4874

For those looking for some outdoor fun:

  1. SkyDive the Farm: Offering the best experience in sky diving in the Atlanta accessible area. They have jumps for every level and provide some of the finest scenery you will find, if you can keep your eyes open that is. Check them out for the ultimate insanity tour. SkyDive the Farm: 1195 Grady Road, Rockmart, GA 30153 (404) 295-5000
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