Indoor Skydiving Spots In Chicago

Indoor skydiving spots in Chicago are very tough to come by. While skydiving is very popular in the Chicago area, there are not many indoor skydiving spots. However, if you want to learn how to skydive, you will need to start with an indoor skydiving spot and some individual instruction. This is the safest way to get from indoors to jumping out of a plane when it comes to learning to skydive in the Chicago area.

  1. Thrill Planet. This company is a premier indoor skydiving spot in Chicago. It is actually ideal for beginners who have never participating in skydiving before, as well as more advanced sky divers who are looking to improve their skills and form. You can even schedule to participate in indoor skydiving with Thrill Planet seven days a week, any day of the year. There are various levels of skydiving available, so explaining your individual level when you make the reservation is very important. You can reach Thrill Planet by calling (877) 307-6689.
  2. Chicago Skydiving. Chicago Skydiving is actually a division of Thrill Planet, which dominates the indoor skydiving market in the Chicago area. However, with Chicago Skydiving, you will be able to get individual, one-on-one instructional lessons before you participate in indoor skydiving. This extra step is very important for people who have no experience skydiving. You definitely need to go from classroom-type instruction, to indoor skydiving and then to jumping from a plane. You can reach Chicago skydiving by calling (312) 854-1879.
  3. Chicago Skydiving Center. With the Chicago Skydiving Center, or CSC, you will have access to highly qualified, experienced and licensed skydivers no matter which package you choose. The company emphasizes catering to first-time jumpers all the way to experienced jumpers who have had years of skydiving practice. They also boast of an exceptional safety record, as well as packages that start at very affordable rates so everyone in your family can experience the thrill of indoor skydiving. You can reach Chicago Skydiving Center at (815) 797-9272.
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