Indoor Skydiving Spots In Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless you know some places to have innocent fun like the indoor skydiving spots in Las Vegas; in that case, you'll have pictures taken that you'll want to share with others! Indoor skydiving is conducted in a wind tunnel and, after a short instruction, all of the below spots will guide you on a tour that will simulate the actual thrill of jumping out of a plane – without the added danger.

  1. There's only one indoor skydiving spot in Las Vegas and, the bonus is that you can still be close to the gambling action by heading over to Vegas Indoor Skydiving which is downtown right by the Convention Center. Drop off the kids for a skydiving lesson and go have your own fun for a few hours as they tumble, free fall and float through the wind tunnel. Padded walls and a trampoline floor will minimize injuries and head gear and a fly suit is a must. Built in 1982, Vegas Indoor Skydiving has the oldest indoor skydiving facility in the America. Vegas Indoor Skydiving operates from 10 am until 8 pm. Your first flight will cost $75 and, if you love the skydiving, you can sign up for another session for just $40. Or, the family plan is available for $325 during which five family members may share the wind tunnel.
  2. After you visit the Vegas Indoor Skydiving company, you might want to switch up your game and head out to the actual blue yonder. If you are a daredevil at heart, head over to Vegas Extreme Skydiving where you'll jump from a plane at 15,000 ft, feel the wind beneath your non-wings, and reach speeds of 130 mph. Don't expect the padded walls or the padded trampoline landing like you'd experience at Vegas Indoor Skydiving but I'll bet you'll be exhilarated. Your first tandem jump (strapped to an experience instruction) will cost you just $199. 
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