Indoor Skydiving Spots In Los Angeles

What are indoor skydiving spots in Los Angeles? Indoor skydiving is the relatively new, younger brother, to outdoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving is basically "floating" and performing the same aerobatics an outside skydiver would perform, indoors on a jet stream of air. Indoor skydivers are held in place by a stream of air created by wind tunnel fans. Indoor skydiving can be performed by practically anyone if they are in reasonable health. It is also a practical way to learn and practice skydiving

  1. iFLY Hollywood: The only indoor skydiving spot in Los Angeles is typical of best of this kind of facility.  There are two 400 horsepower fans which provide the air circulation for the interior chamber. The air flow is controlled for each skydiver to provide the optimum balance of lift and gravity to provide the maximum experience. All the equipment and instruction needed is provided and prices range from their most popular starters package of two flights for $59 to the experienced fliers five minute block for $99 with many other options in between. There are even group rates for two or more fliers. No matter if you are a rookies, or a experienced skydiver, this is a full service facility which provides the maximum experience for your money. Let their fully trained professional staff start you out on your indoor skydiving adventures. iFLY Hollywood: Universal Studios City Walk Hollywood.  Universal City, CA 91608. (818) 985-iFLY or (818) 985-4359.

 That is the indoor skydiving spot in Los Angeles. It is a fun spot where the thrills of skydiving can be experienced, no matter the weather. Sun, rain, or snow, well perhaps not snow in Hollywood, the experience is not effected by weather. There are no long waits on airplanes, and it is easier to learn the skills in the indoor skydiving spot in Los Angeles than outdoor facilities in the area. Will the experience be the same, perhaps not, after all you are not jumping from several thousand feet out of a perfectly good airplane, as old Clint would say. But, it is safer. Indoor skydiving is a pastime which can be enjoyed by practically the entire family in a supervised, controlled environment. Enjoy the indoor skydiving spot in Los Angeles.

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