Indoor Skydiving Spots In NC

What are some indoor skydiving spots in NC? First it is perhaps best to explain what indoor skydiving is, and then look into the indoor sky diving spots in North Carolina. Indoor skydiving is where a large wind tunnel fan is used to allow someone to skydive indoors. A wind tunnel fan is inset into the floor of a facility which has a tall wide space. The wind force of the fan blows upwards and a person can then leap into the blast of air and "skydive". The sensation and ability to perform aerial acrobatics are very similar to outdoors skydiving. Of course this requires a very specialized building and equipment which you do not find everywhere.

  1.  Paraclete SkyVenture - Located in Raeford, North Carolina. This is the largest indoor skydiving facility with the biggest wind tunnel fans in the world. Four fans provide the biggest and best skydiving experience available indoors. They are open seven days a week and prices range from $39 to $1100 depending upon flight time and options. Most people in reasonable health can fly in their indoors facility, but there are certain health and weight restrictions. So it is best to check into it before hand if you have some heath conditions.   

This is the only indoor skydiving spot in NC, but it is also the biggest one in the world, so it is a special one indeed. Indoor skydiving can give you the same basic sensations as outdoor skydiving, minus the very real danger of free fall from several thousand feet. It is not dependent upon good weather and does not require planes and special certification to participate in it. Is it the exact same, no, but it is still FUN, with a capital F. Enjoy your indoor skydiving experience.  



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