Indoor Skydiving Spots In New York

When it comes to skydiving, particularly indoor skydiving in New York, it's best if a person takes some time to look into several different companies to see what they offer. Try starting with the assortment found below, and carrying on from there.

  1. Long Island Skydiving Center is a great indoor skydiving spot. They are in East Moriches on the south shore of  Long Island at 91 Montauk Highway East Moriches, New York 11940. This center overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, Fire Island, and Hampton Beach, making it one of the supreme indoor skydiving spots in New York. Their rates are around two hundred dollars and are less expensive if a person has gone multiple times or goes during the weekday. Photo packages, t-shirts and dvds can be added for additional charges. This is a great place to go for a first jump as they offer many different things and guides to choose from. It is also a fantastic indoor skydiving spot in New York, for the person who is an experienced jumper as they still offer many choices and discounts.
  2. Thrill Planet Sky Diving is a fantastic indoor skydiving spot in New York. They are located at 310 E 20th St, New York, NY. They offer many different stages, including tandem, and many levels of higher training and learning. This place offers some of the widest ranges of outdoor and indoor skydiving spots in New York. Visit their website of give them a call to ask more questions. This indoor skydiving spot in New York can work for all sorts of enthusiasts and generally offers something for everyone. 
  3. The West Point Parachute Team is on the list of indoor skydiving spots in New York. They can be found at Lake Frederick Recreation Area, West Point, New York, 10996. They are trained in accelerated free fall and indoor. Members of their academy perform many demonstration jumps at different venues and from different views. This group enjoys doing performances at many events as well as teaching the new enthusiast about skydiving. 
  4. Finally, you can look to New York Skydiving, when thinking about indoor skydiving spots in New York. They can be found at 117 W 28th St, New York, NY. Here a person can get videos and photos alongside that exhilarating first or second jump. Their staff is friendly and professional ready to answer all sorts of questions about the first dive and even send out free information to a would be candidate. There is a wide range of opportunity and different things to learn here, along with a high number of keepsakes that can be had to remember the special event.
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