Indoor Skydiving Spots In Utah

What are some indoor skydiving spots in Utah? Indoor skydiving spots allow the person to skydive by using a vertical wind tunnel fan. The fan is set into the "floor" of the skydiving facility and blows upwards. The indoor sky diver puts themselves into the flow of the wind and assumes a free fall sky diving position. The force of the wind then holds the "skydiver" in mid air, exactly as if free falling from an airplane. The force is variable so the diver can be pushed upwards or held in place. The sensation with the diver being held in place and the wind rushing past exactly duplicates the feeling of free fall.  Many of the same acrobatics the free falling skydiver can perform can be performed during indoor skydiving. This is a fun sport which can be participated in by nearly any person of nearly any age and physical condition. Most indoor skydiving spots provide onsite training for the novice so they can instantly enjoy the sport. Such indoor skydiving spots are relatively few and far between but it so happens there is at least one indoor skydiving spot in Utah.

  1. iFly Utah. This is a vertical wind tunnel indoor skydiving site located in Ogden Utah. The cost is $10 per minute for a five minute minimum. All equipment and training is provided onsite. 

iFly Utah is the only listed indoor skydiving spot in Utah. It has an advantage over outdoor skydiving in that it can be enjoyed by any person, including the complete novice in a matter of minutes. It also does not depend upon good weather, air transport, or other outdoor conditions to be enjoyed. Dangers are limited to a relatively small fall if the airflow happens to be interrupted in some fashion as opposed to the fall from an airplane if the parachute fails. Of course it also does not give quite the adrenaline high of risking ones life in  free fall like real skydiving. That can either be  good thing or bad depending upon how you look at danger.

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