Infected Belly Button Piercing Treatment

The infected belly button treatment procedure is similar to treating an ear piercing infection, but the area where it occurs can result in more serious complications. If the infection gets below the skin, it can result in more serious problems beneath it. Your friends and acquaintances may ask what posessed you.

Things you will need to treat a belly button infection:

  • Antibiotic cream, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide
  • Topical analgesic
  • Loose fitting shirts

How to treat an infected belly button piercing:

  1. Remove the piece of jewelry from the infected belly button piercing. A person may want to put it back in after the infection has cleared, but someone who gets frequent infections may wish to consider letting the piercing grow back.
  2. Sterilize the belly button area. Remove the jewelry from the infected belly button piercing and do not put it back in until the infection gets cured. This may cause the skin to grow back depending on how long it takes for a person to clean the infection.
  3. Clean out the infected area thoroughly. Apply the antibiotic you have chosen to the infected belly button piercing.
  4. Choose loose fitting shirts. A tight fitting shirt will rub against the skin and may irritate the wearer's infected belly button piercing. The infection may cause enough pain without a tight shirt causing further problems.
  5. Know when to see a doctor. Most infected belly button piercing problems go away on their own. Sometimes, however, a stronger antibiotic is needed. Remember that infections in this area can more easily get into the bloodstream than they can from the ear.
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