Inferiority Complex Symptoms

It may help to familiarize yourself with inferiority complex symptoms in the case that you or someone you know is suffering from this affliction. Inferiority complex typically stems from a person’s childhood, where they may have had one or more experiences in which they felt inferior to another person. Typically, children move past these instances, but in some cases, some people do not find closure. This is when inferiority complex begins to manifest. If you or someone you know seems like they could be suffering from inferiority complex, these common symptoms could do you some help in finding out for sure.

  1. You have a hard time congratulating someone else on their success. This happens to be one of the most common inferiority complex symptoms. For example, if someone loses a video game match against a friend, they'll blame the loss on connection problems. If a coworker were to receive a promotion, they might blame luck or cheating for the incident. It’s hard for those who suffer from an inferiority complex to be happy for others in their successes because they are wrapped up in the reasons why THEY didn’t succeed.
  2. You are socially withdrawn. Many times, those with an inferiority complex will try to stay out of the social scene as much as possible. It lessens the chances to feel compared against people, and is easier to just stay away from others altogether.
  3. You fear the idea of making a mistake. Sufferers of this condition will often have trouble trying something new for fear of making a mistake a being judged because of it. They have trouble performing tasks in front of people because of the risk of judgment and reprimanding.
  4. You tend to be rude. Some of those who suffer from inferiority complex might seem to have a chip on their shoulders. Another sign is if the suffer tends to be outspoken and snappy. Are you or someone you know quick to shoot others down once they appear to be on a pedestal?
  5. You have poor sportsmanship. Poor sportsmanship is a huge symptom of inferiority complex. People that feel highly uncomfortable moving into a competitive atmosphere with others likely suffer this complex. If another person wins, they often try to immediately come up with rational reasons why they didn’t get the win instead.
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