Infield Footwork Drills For Lacrosse

Infield footwork drills for lacrosse are basic maneuvers that can be done at home or on the field. Lacrosse is a widely played sport and the competition for teams is growing. Being adept at footwork will help you have an advantage or put you in game shape. Look over these simple lacrosse field footwork skills and include them in your workout.

  1. Stick Lunges: With lacrosse sticks in hand perform deep lunges. The player should hold the lacrosse stick out in front of them and step forward, leaving the front leg bent and the back straight. Lunges should be performed the length of the field and back as one set. Perform two sets. This drill will work the infielder’s footwork by supporting balance and leg strength.
  2. Speed Ladder: A fantastic footwork drill is the use of the speed ladder. Not only will mastering the speed ladder improve speed, it will work foot precision and balance. This footwork drill should be accomplished both forward and backward with speed and purpose. Each run should have the players head up and eyes forward. Run each speed ladder five times followed by a one minute break and a repeat of five repetitions.
  3. Lateral Dives: Hold the lacrosse stick in a defensive or offensive position. Beginning at the center point have the player move laterally to the right and return to the center point. Then have them move left to the end line and return. This constitutes one repetition. Do this footwork drill for three repetitions. Not only will this drill support footwork but it will also enhance endurance.
  4. Jump Rope: Nothing works footwork like jumping rope. This simple but uniform exercise is a great mechanism to work the feet and agility as well as enhance leg muscles and cardio. Jumping rope is a multi-sport drill that is used in most arenas for this purpose. For lacrosse jumping rope should constitute one to two hundred rotations at one to two repetitions.
  5. Running Foot Over Foot: This footwork drill can be run both forward and backward. Line up at the midfield line and run towards the end line. As you run cross the legs over one another in rotation. Do this forward as you approach the end line and then backwards as you return to the midfield. Run this drill three times in both directions. This excellent footwork drills builds balance, muscle and coordination.  
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