Inflatable Paintball Bunkers

Inflatable paintball bunkers give paintball an added dimension that makes it more exciting. Inflatable paintball bunkers provide paintball players cover and protection in the playing field. Because of their portability, inflatable paintball bunkers can be moved around to give any game site a brand new look.

  1. Coleman Barrel Bunker. From the famous producer of outdoor recreational products comes the Coleman Barrel Bunker. This barrel-shaped inflatable paintball bunker is constructed from heavy-duty laminated PVC. It stands nearly six feet high when inflated and makes good use of the patented “Coleman Airtight System” to guarantee a leak-free playing experience.

  2. Coleman Brick Bunker. Another Coleman product, the Brick Bunker is made from the same durable material as the Barrel Bunker and stands just as tall. Special tie-downs and stakes keep this inflatable bunker securely anchored to the ground. It also connects to other Coleman inflatable bunkers to create a multi-bunker structure.

  3. Coleman Paintball Blockade Bunker. Measuring 49 inches high, 63 inches wide and 31 inches deep when fully inflated. This massive Blockade Bunker connects with other Coleman inflatable bunkers to form a personalized bunker system. This made-in-China product comes in black.

  4. Kingman Spyder Tournament Brick Shape And Big Brick Bunker. Available in a combo pack, the these bunkers work independently or be joined together. These bunkers come in an attractive gray and red color scheme. The package comes with eight pegs, a repair kit and instructions.

  5. Battle M.a.X Battle Barrier – The Castle. This U-shaped inflatable bunker, aptly named “The Castle” measures 40 inches high, 30 inches wide and 18 inches deep. It weighs in at a mere 4 pounds uninflated. This inflatable bunker is available in silver and yellow.

  6. Smart-Bunker Scenario Bunker Box. Smart-Bunker offers this unique inflatable bunker. Made from strong, commercial-grade, double-sided PVC it stands well against the rigors of the game. The external surface has a digitally-printed pattern that mimics a wooden crate. It even comes with the word “ACME” emblazoned on the side.

  7. Smart-Bunker Scenario Bunker Castle. Shaped like an ancient castle's turret, “The Castle” measures an impressive 8 feet high and 10 feet deep. It has a digitally-printed printed finish that looks like stone bricks complete with moss growth. It is crafted from 23 ounce gauge, commercial-grade, double side coated PVC.

  8. Smart-Bunker Scenario Bunker Humvee. This remarkable inflatable bunker is made to look like a military Humvee. It measures 15 feet long and 7 feet wide. The finish not only replicates a Humvee's shape, it also showcases an authentic looking camouflage pattern.

  9. Smart-Bunker Scenario Bunker Log Cabin. Made to look like a giant log cabin, this inflatable bunker is big enough to house and shield several players from the opposition. The design features one entrance and four good sized windows. It is made from the same near-imprevious PVC material used in other Smart-Bunker inflatable bunkers.

  10. Smart-Bunker Scenario Bunker Walls H Shape. Shaped like a gigantic letter “H”, this inflatable bunker is made to look like it was actually a brick structure. It is perfect for close range battle where opponents may end up back-to-back against the wall. It measures 4 feet high and over 6 feet wide.   

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