Inositol Benefits

One of the common medical names for inositol is inositol hexaphosphate, and there are several inositol benefits. It is a chemical found in beans, rice, grains and many foods that are high in fiber. When it is converted into compounds in the body it helps with metabolism of minerals and maintaining energy. But scientists are now discovering other important roles it may have in controling cancer, lowering cholesterol and other life saving mechanisms .

  1. It naturally fights cancer. Inositol is viewed in the scientific community as an antioxidant. An antioxidant is a chemical compound found in the body that prevents free radicals that can cause damage and destruction in healthy cells. It is even thought to reverse the tumor forming processes by transforming cancerous cells into normal ones.
  2. Inositol combats depression. There are scientific studies that show that inositol combats depression because it is an intracellular signaling messenger. It works on the metabolic pathways pharmaceutics seem to miss.
  3. Inositol combats anxiety. Scientific studies also support the use of inositol for anxiety. Even though anxiety is different from depression, inositol works in the same fashion for anxiety as it does for depression, by acting as a signaling messenger to the body and brain cells.
  4. It helps prevent liver problems. Inositol is necessary for the production of lethicin in the body, but it also works closely with the Vitamin B series and other compounds to help prevent fatty tissues from forming in the liver.
  5. Inositol increases circulation, lowers cholesterol and aids in blood clotting factors. When inositol nicotinate is processed by the body, it releases a form of niacin. The niacin widens blood vessels which increases circualtion, lowers cholesterol and other fats in the blood and helps blood clot by breaking up proteins needed for this process.

There are many other benefits to taking inositol as well. It is widely revered by many well renowned medical professionals as an alternative to prescription drugs for many heart, liver, circulatory and mental health diagnosis. But always consult with your doctor before taking inositol with any medications, and to find out any possible risks or side effects.

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