Insanity Workout Routine

The Insanity workout routine is just as the name describes. The workouts are completely insane and push the limits of even those who are already in great shape. This Insanity workout is designed to be done with just your body weight so you don't even need any extra equipment or weights to get results. Be prepared to work and to sweat more than you ever have in any other workout.

Things you will need:

  • Insanity DVD's
  • motivation
  • space to move
  • TV with DVD player
  1. The fit test. The first DVD in the Insanity series is the shortest out of all 5 Shaun T. The trainer puts you and your body to the test to see what you can do. Even this first day will leave you in a pool of sweat.
  2. Plyometrics and Cardo. Circuit training is one of the best ways to get in shape. The second DVD in the series brings you through plyometrics for the lower body combined with cardio to make sure your heart rate doesn't have a chance to slow down.
  3. Cardo Power. The third DVD is all about cardio and building strength. Since yesterday you worked the lower body with the second Insanity DVD, today is the day for upper body strength. With no weights or resistance, it is all about using your own body to create muscle and create definition.
  4. Cardio Recovery. You get to take a little break today. The workout is only about a half hour long, with some easy cardio to keep you moving but allow you some time to recover and get your body ready for the next workout. This is still Insanity though, so still expect to work.
  5. Cardio and Abs. The last DVD pushes cardio to the limit. There are no intervals in this Insanity workout to give you a break. It is 55 minutes of pure heart pumping cardio.
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