Install Skype

With all the hype surrounding Skype, you may find that learning how to install Skype is actually more difficult than you had originally anticipated. Skype, like many other communication services, have grown over the past few years. Having the ability to communicate with friends and family all over the world without having to pay is a large part of what makes Skype so enticing. The installation process is easy, so here are a few steps that will show you just how easy installation will be.

To install Skype, you will need:

  • Skype
  • Computer with internet access
  1. Open up your browser and go to Skype's website. Drag your mouse to where it says "Get Skype" and wait for the drop down menu to appear. The version that you download depends on what type of computer you have. Click on the option that represents your type of computer. For example, if you have a Mac, you will select "Mac" or if you have Windows, you will select "Windows."
  2. Go to where it says "Skype Free" and select "Downlaod Skype." Once Skype has downloaded, a window will pop up asking you if you want to save or run the file. Select "Run." Then click "Install" to begin installing Skype onto your computer.

Once the Skype has finished installing, you will be able set up your Skype account. Now you can use it to contact all of your friends and family that you may have loss touch with over the years.

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