Installing Fallout 3 Mods

Now that "Fallout: New Vegas" has been released, you may be itching for a new trip back through memory (or Tranquility) lane in the guise of "Fallout 3" which is why you may need to remember how to install Fallout 3 mods. Like any Bethesda game, the internet modding community has supported "Fallout 3" heavily and there are many options for "Fallout 3" mods, from changing the game's color pallet to adding entire new weapons and armor. All you need is a copy of "Fallout 3" and an internet connection.

  1. Find the mod for you! There are dozens of websites that exist solely to gather the entirety of the "Fallout 3" modding community's creations, so do a quick online search for "Fallout 3" mods and peruse one until you find a mod that does what you want it to. When you find that mod, download it to your desktop.
  2. Installing mods. Now to install the mod, you will want  to open it up. The odds are that it is a ZIP or RAR file and will open up in the appropriate program. There are "Fallout 3" mod files that will install themselves, but it is much more common to have to manually install the mod. After the mod is open, you will want to navigate to the folder that you installed "Fallout 3" to. Open it up and then open the folder that is titled "data." Drag and drop the files in the mod folder into the "Fallout 3" data folder. If it asks you to overwrite anything, say yes, but remember that mods will overwrite default data, so always keep your "Fallout 3" install disc handy just incase a mod makes it impossible to play the game.
  3. Playing the mods. Now that you have the mods installed, you will probably want to see them in action. First, you will need to activate them. To do this, open up your "Fallout" launcher and click on the Data Files button. This will bring up a screen that shows you all of the mods you have installed. Make sure the boxes next to the mod you want to run are checked, and then launch your game. That's it! You will now be playing through the wasteland with your installed "Fallout 3" mods.
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