Instruction How To Use Panasonic Remote Control Of Model Dmre50p

Looking for instruction how to use Panasonic remote control of model Dmre50p? The Panasonic Dmre50p is a DVD video recorder. Below you will find directions for using the Panasonic remote control of model Dmre50p to perform certain basic functions.  Using your remote control is essential to using your dvd video recorder to it's highest capabilities.

  1. Power Buttons. You will notice that there are a few power buttons on the Panasonic remote control of model Dmre50p. The DVD button is the first button on the Dmre50p remote control. You will use that button to power your Dmre50p on. The TV button, which is located to the right of the DVD button, can be used to turn your TV on.
  2. Recording TV Programs. Since the Dmre50p is a DVD video recorder, you can use the device to record TV programs. To use your Dmre50p to record TV programs, make sure that there is a disc inserted in your recorder and press the REC MODE button, which is located on the top right of your Dmre50p, to select a recording mode. Once you have selected a recording mode, press the REC button to begin recording. The REC button is located above the REC MODE button.
  3. Playing Discs. Your Dmre50p is also capable of playing DVDs. To play a DVD, insert a disc into the device. You can use your Dmre50p remote control to open the disc tray by pressing the OPEN/CLOSE button, which is located on the bottom left of your Dmre50p remote control. Once the disc has been inserted, press the PLAY button to begin playing the disc. The PLAY button is located in the middle of your Dmre50p remote control, on the right hand side.
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