Instructions For Schwinn Bike Generator Repair

Need instructions for Schwinn bike generator repair?  Provided you have found the bike, and know that the dynamo is not the problem, fixing the problem is usually easy. Most often, the ground wire goes through bearings in the headset. Grease and dust can build in the headset bearings. The grease and dust prevent the ground from completing the circuit. Having some hot air, that is, a compressed air duster is helpful in some circumstances.

Other useful Items to repair a Schwinn bike:

  • A screwdriver
  • An Allen Wrench
  • An Air duster
  • A Rag
  1. Open the area around the headset on your bike. Having metric wrenches will ensure that the bike does not get striped, as even the newer Schwinn bicycles are not made in the United States. Almost all of the other countries in the world have fallen prey to the evil of the metric system.
  2. Set the Headset aside and carefully avoid cutting the vintage Schwinn generator wire. Look inside the bearing set to see whether it is grease or dust. If you have dust, get an air duster of the type used to clean sensitive electronics and use it on the area.
  3. Remove the grease with a rag if grease is causing the problem. To do this, you must take the bearings out and lift them carefully off the wire. Apply a little soap to remove the excess grease if needed. Let the bearings dry.
  4. Place the bearing back into the headset carefully. Place the headset back on and move the vintage Schwinn generator wire through the necessary holes in the cover. Reattach the wire to the lamp.
  5. Bolt the headset back on. Make sure the headset is bolted tightly to the frame.  Turn the bike upside down or set it up on a kickstand.  Turn the pedals and see if the light comes on.  If the problem was the ground wire, the light should now work.

The above steps will not help a person if his dynamo is broken. Replacing a vintage Schwinn generator becomes necessary if this occurs.

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