Integrity Definition

If you’ve ever looked for a solid integrity definition, then you may have found that it can actually mean lots of things. Integrity is a word and trait that many people find themselves scratching their heads over, trying to figure out its true meaning. To put it as simply as possible, integrity can be described as possessing honor, excellence, goodness, purity, honesty, wholeness and so much more. It’s about having solid morals and principles and being an all-around good person.

Many people often mix honesty and integrity up, since integrity can be defined has honesty. However, they are still two different virtues. Honesty simply means that you are a true person that does not hide things from others and presents things as they are. A person with integrity on the other hand, can possess the virtue of honesty while upholding good morals and principles, not being selfish, staying true to who they are, and treating everyone with respect.

If you’ve ever seen someone drop a $20 bill on accident, your first reaction may have been to snatch it up without even thinking twice about it. However, if you possessed integrity, you would pick that $20 bill up and immediately return it to its rightful owner. Having integrity also means putting others before yourself and being quite humble.

If you’re not sure whether you live a life matches the integrity definition, feel free to ask yourself a few questions. Are you true and honest with those that are around you? Are you willing to admit your mistakes and take fault? Are you able to have fun and live your life without compromising your values and morals? If you answered no to any of these questions, it may be a good idea to evaluate the way you are living. Integrity takes courage, wisdom and time but it is one of the best attributes that you could ever have.



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