Interesting Statistics About Love

There are many ideas about love and relationships, but just as fascinating are the interesting statistics about love.  It’s what makes the world go round. Maybe it’s natures way of getting humans to perpetuate the species. 

  1. Marriage by numbers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, marriage rates for men are significantly lower than the national average in Michigan and Florida. Ladies, you might not want to live in these states if you want to snare a mate. 
  2. In love, or something else? Statistically speaking women believe themselves to be in love more than men do. Perhaps women are more in love with the idea of love. After all, that fairytale wedding dress and glorious party you spend all that money on has to be for something. Right?
  3. Out of love. Eight percent of people say they would like to be rid of their current partner. And ninety percent of third marriages end in divorce. 
  4. Good sex. Forty nine percent of people claim to be happy with their sex life. The average amount of days a French couple has sex is 130 per year. The highest number of sex days of any European country. No wonder the French have a sexy reputation – ooh la la!
  5. Oh, the irony. Eighty percent of divorced or separated Americans believe that marriage should be for life – for the rest of us. Apparently what happened to them doesn’t count. 
  6. And the winner is…Turkey! The most promiscuous of people, Turks manage to have a statistical average of 14.5 partners per person. Which could make for a good lover, or just maybe someone with a roving eye.
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