Interferon Side Effects

Learning about (say in-ter-FEER-on) Interferon side effects is important if you have to take this drug. Interferon is prescribed by doctors to treat cancer and hepatitis. Taking Interferon helps the body attack infections and various cancers. Keep on reading to learn more about the side effects of Interferon.

  1. Dizziness. If you experience dizziness while taking Interferon, do not ignore the signs. Also known as lightheadedness or vertigo, dizziness can lead to falls and possible tilting or tripping injuries. Dizziness is one of the Interferon side effects.
  2. Stomach pain. Many things can cause stomach pain or abdominal pain. For example, stress and a lack of exercise can lead to this condition. Eating certain foods and depression also contributes to stomach pains and Interferon has been linked to abdominal pain as well.
  3. Headaches. Headaches are very common and almost everyone has experienced a headache. Some headaches can be associated with Interferon side affects. If you are taking this drug and have headaches, reduce your stress level and get plenty of sleep and rest and see your healthcare provider if the symptoms do not go away.
  4. Difficulty sleeping. Interferon side effects do include difficulty sleeping. However, there are steps you can take to get more sleep. Limit the amount of sodas, alcohol, and coffee that you drink and monitor your sleeping habits.
  5. Difficulty breathing. Difficulty breathing is a serious side effect and should be taken seriously. Your doctor may have to refer you to a lung specialist.
  6. Feeling anxious. It can be very difficult to tell detect and an anxious feel but this is one of the Interferon side effects. Try to relax and call your physician if the condition worsens.
  7. Tired or fatigue. Tiredness has been listed is the number one Interferon side effect. Get the proper rest and try to wake-up and go to sleep at the same time each day.
  8. Body and muscle aches. If you are experiencing body or muscle aches ask your doctor is there something that you can take for the muscle aches. You may first want to try to apply warm or hot pack to the area and it is not uncommon for individuals to have this Interferon side effect.
  9. Vomiting. Vomiting is another one of the common Interferon side effects. If you are vomiting frequently see your doctor. Avoid foods that are spicy and sweet and eat small meals.
  10. Hair loss. Patients may experience hair loss while taking Interferon. The hair loss process is usually slow when the patient is taking the drug for caner treatment. Interferon has several more side effects but most patients hair grow back after the stop taking the drug.It may be a good idea to wear a scarf or a comfortable hat.
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