Intermediate Mat Wrestling Tips

Intermediate mat wrestling tips can help take you from a novice wrestler to a pro in no time at all. As an intermediate wrestler, you likely already have some wrestling skills and are able to win a match or two, depending on the opponent. However, if you work on your mat wrestling skills and follow some basic advice, you can start to dominate the competition.

  1. Build up your core muscles. Your core muscles are one of the most important muscle groups in mat wrestling. They are what gives you the power to overtake your opponent and stay in various wrestling stances and moves for extended periods of time. Use sit-ups, leg raises and side crunches to help build up the various muscles in your core.
  2. Try the inside step single. This is a mat wrestling move that can help you dominate your opponent. When facing your opponent on the mat, take a large step inward toward him. Then, drop your knee toward the mat and grip around your opponent’s leg. Now, you’re in the perfect position to take your opponent down to the mat and score some points during the match.
  3. Keep taking your opponent down. One way to take your opponent down is to lean down in front of him and pull out his knee from behind. However, there are many ways to get a wrestling opponent down on the mat. Once you get your opponent down, let him back up again. Then, repeat. After a few takedowns, he’ll be so winded and exhausted, you’ll be able to perform any moves you want.
  4. Gain control over your opponent’s head. This is an excellent way for an intermediate wrestler to gain more control over his opponent and take over the match. Grip your opponent’s head often and force it downward. You can also control his head by executing a headlock wrestling move. When his head is being controlled, your opponent won’t have time to think about offense because he’ll be constantly working to free himself and get back in position, meaning you gain control of the match.
  5. Use your mind before and during the mat wrestling match. Positive self-talk and confidence in your abilities can go a long way in improving your intermediate wrestling mat skills. If you’ve completed your drills, practiced the moves and gotten your body in shape, then you have no reason to be nervous. Instead, tell yourself how awesome you are and use your confidence and positive energy to overtake your opponent.
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