Intermediate Stand Up Paddle Surfing Tips

If you are ready to bring your stand up paddle surfing to a new level, try these intermediate stand up paddle surfing tips. Paddle surfing is an up and coming new sport that is growing quickly. You can get started with just a few pieces of equipment and then work on your technique as you get in better shape.

  1. Keep your feet moving. In order to get your board going on a wave you need to move your feet. Unlike regular surfing where you need to keep them planted, the longer stand up paddle boards need your feet to move and find the sweet spot and carve around the waves.
  2. A powerful stroke. A good stroke starts with a good reach and a good catch. Your paddle surfing stroke also needs a lot of power. To get a good amount of power  keep the lower arm straight and use your lower hand as a fulcrum.
  3. Keep your feet perpendicular to the board. Unlike regular surfing, your feet need to stay perpendicular to the board when you are stand up paddle surfing. If you turn, you won't have the control you need over the board.
  4. Keep your arms away from your body. The best way to paddle is to do five or ten paddles on one side and then cross over and do five or ten paddles on the other side.
  5. The right stroke will keep your board going straight. Start your stroke with the paddle away from the nose of the board. Bring it back as evenly as you can. You can also put some pressure on the opposite side of the board that you are paddling on.
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