Interview Questions For Management Positions

When you are interviewing for a managerial job, there are interview questions for management positions that you should be prepared for. A good management candidate spends time creating comprehensive answers to the more common interview questions for management positions that she will face. Here are the more common interview questions for management positions and suggestions on how to answer them.

  1. "Describe your management approach." This question is designed to determine if you prefer to micro-manage a team, act as a coach and career developer or if you feel comfortable delegating responsibilities to your team mates. Since you are not sure exactly what kind of management style the company is looking for, the best response is to be honest in your assessment of your approach.
  2. "What is the most people you have directly managed in one job?" This question is very straight-forward, but also very common. Do not give a simple number answer and then wait for the next question. Give a concise but comprehensive response about the size of your largest staff, the variety of positions you managed and how long you managed that staff.
  3. "What is your experience with budgeting?" As a manager, you will be required to submit numbers for the company budget each year. You will need to have experience in evaluating your upcoming personnel needs, managing a travel budget and budgeting for promotions and wage increases.
  4. "How do you delegate responsibility?" This question is not asked in reference to physically handing out assignments, it is a question designed to determine how you evaluate and utilize your staff. The company is not going to be in a hurry to put you in charge of a department if you do not demonstrate an ability to utilize the resources you are given to work with. Discuss how you evaluate employee abilities and how you use your observations to delegate various tasks.
  5. "What are you most proud of in your career?" This sounds like a throw-away question, but it is not. The company expects its managers to be team players and take great pride in team accomplishments that make the company better. Be ready to discuss your greatest achievements as the leader of a team when this question is asked.
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