Interview Thank You Email Example

This interview thank you email example should help guide you in writing a thank you email. Interview thank you emails are not only a professional way to show appreciation for an opportunity, a thank you email note is an effective way to leave a good impression with a prospective employer that might lead to a new job. Email thank you notes are typically short and simple. Taking the time to write one after your job interview may be the deciding factor in getting you hired.


The opening of a thank you email for an interview should remind the recipient of the thank you email of your meeting. Something simple like, "I'm writing to thank you for the opportunity to interview for the position of office manager on (insert date). There's no need for anything else in this opening. You could phrase it other ways as well. "Thank you so much for allowing me to interview for the position of office manager on (insert date)." These two openings say the same thing. Another example might be, "I enjoyed interviewing with you for the office manager position on (insert date)."

Second Paragraph

Take the opportunity to reiterate your qualifications without going overboard. "I feel my organizational skills and my educational background in management make me a good fit for your company." Say something good about the company. This might be something you've read in the paper or something you took note of during your visit.


Show confidence in your closing. Write as if you have the job or as if you believe you are the obvious choice.

Thank-You Email Example

Mr. Johnson,

Thank you for the opportunity to interview with you for the position of office manager on 9/29/10. I enjoyed discussing this job position with you and feel that your company is one that I would enjoy working for.

I feel my skills with a wide variety of employee relations techniques, as well as my extensive background in management roles, makes me a good fit for your company. I look forward to the opportunities working with you will provide.

Thank you again for taking your valuable time to meet with me. If there are any further questions, feel free to contact me at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this opportunity.


Your Name

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