Introductory Flying Lesson: What To Expect

New students may wonder what to expect from an introductory flying lesson. The introductory flying lesson is every pilot's first step into a new world of fun. An introductory flying lesson is not very expensive and it allows you a chance to sample what flying in a small plane is like.

  1. Show up ready to have fun! The flight instructor will usually give a tour of the flight school before heading out to the ramp. He may also give you a brief overview of the training process.
  2. The flight instructor will take care of all the hard parts. A pre-flight check of the plane is usually done by the instructor before you get there. He will go over some of the basics of the plane with you and soon you will be ready for take off, with the flight instructor in control of the plane.  
  3. The flight school will provide a headset so you can hear what's going on. You don't need to have any additional items for the introductory flight.
  4. The flight is usually around 30 minutes. You will learn from the flight how comfortable you are in the environment you train in. The flight will generally stay near the airport. You will usually be offered the opportunity to control the plane once it is out of the airport air space.
  5. You pay for the introductory flight after the flight is over. Prices vary from location to location but the cost for an introductory flying lesson is usually a nominal cost when compared to the actual lessons.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association has information for additional first time students, and is a great resource for pilots.


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