Investment Software: Top 10

Here are the top 10 investment softwares. Investment software can be an excellent tool for both the new and seasoned investor.  Determining top ten Investment softwares can be a bit difficult, however, as there are many different types and ultimately the software selected would have to both suit the individual investor's needs and their budget.

For starters, each investor has their own goals, plans, or needs and these should be considered before choosing a software program.  The following are not in a specific order, but their value can change depending on the needs of the investor:

  1. e*Trade/Ameritrade/etc:  If the investments are relatively small-time, you may wish to simply stick with online traders such as e*Trade or Ameritrade, which allow you to create an account and do your investing through a secure site.  Both sites feature trading tools sections which explain what they offer and allow investors to get the most out of their experiences. 
  2. Checklist Investor:  For those that wish to have an actual software program, something like Checklist Investor might be a nice option.  The program boasts their 14-checklist system helps provide all the information needed to maintain and manage your individual investments and their testimonials suggest a 90% customer satisfaction rating at ease of use of the program.  For about $50, the software can be purchased and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
  3. Financial Planner Start Kit:  A more expensive possibility is Tools For Money's "Financial Planner Start Kit" which runs about $300 and up, and comes with email support.  Tools for Money claims their program is better than any other software out there, and they want you to succeed so you come back to them for a lifetime subscription to the services.  That being said, $300 and up is a large investment in itself and the "Average Joe" investor may not be interested in putting up this kind of money just yet.
  4. Inference Table:  Relatively inexpensive at $55 to download, Inference Trade comes with a free 30-day trial to give users a chance to experience it before settling on the program.  This program features stock market charts, analyses, and a trading system.
  5. Personal Stock Monitor Gold:  Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, this software is free to download and use for 30 days and features a live stock ticker, multi-currency functions, a research assistant tool for individual investors, and a variety of stock quote options and charts.  If you like it, the for continued use is about $50 or if it isn't what you were hoping for, simply uninstall it.
  6. TrendCatch:  Instead of trying to predict future outcomes, TrendCatch features tools to help determine when changes will occur in current stock trends.  Also compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  7. Fund Manager Professional 10.5:  Another high-end program at almost $300, Fund Manager is a portfolio management tool created for investors.  You can use it to monitor and analyze stocks and mutual funds, or other investments, and the program features graphs, charts, and reports to allow the user to follow and manage everything in their portfolio.  There is a free 30-day trial period, so you can test drive it in a sense.
  8. GoldGem 2.0:  An investment software created for the no-nonsense user, this program features various tools for calculating and analyzing the investments in your portfolio, and it can be used to analyze the prices of investments that may soon find their way into your portfolio.  This does not appear to be a trading/buying/selling program, so it is more for analysis than actual active investing.
  9. TheShareTracker:  Free for 30 days and only $20 after for continued use, this program allows you to track your purchases and sales, relatively easy to use (user-friendly), and it can be a nice portfolio management tool.
  10. Amateur Invest:  This program was designed to help everyone invest "like a pro" and accommodates users with privacy in their investment ordeals.  Along with investments, the program can be used to manage personal finances, money, and more.  Real-time stock quotes (with Internet connection) as well as analyses, reports, and even tips or suggestions.  You can download it for free for 30-days, after which the continued use fee is $40 for the software.
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