IPA Beers

If you're looking to introduce some new drinks into your life, consider these IPA beers. Most people love IPA beers for their slightly-bitter taste and hoppy influence, so if you tend to like sweet beer, these might not be for you. However, for the adventurous in spirit, the following IPA beers work best while diffusing the spicy flavors of Indian and Sichuan cooking, or any sort of spicy chili. 

  1. AleSmith IPA. This is one of the finest American-style IPA beers you can get. It's got a full hoppy flavor and strong aroma, so it might not be the best suited for those unfamiliar with IPA beers. However, if you're willing, a bottle of this will certainly quench your thirst with its robust flavor and high alcohol content. If you consider yourself a true beer connoisseur, be sure to try out this fine selection from the list of IPA beers.
  2. Bells Two Hearted Ale. If you're looking for a great, full-flavored ale with a great alcoholic content, this is one of the best IPA beers for you! This beer is noted for its crisp finish and flavor that leaves nothing but hops on your tongue, which makes is a sure thing for bitter enthusiasts. If you're looking to expand your visions of IPA beer, be sure to try this one out!
  3. Stone IPA. This is one of the more widely-available IPA beers out there, and with good reason! It has 70+ IBUS, or International Bitterness Units, meaning that this is definitely a beer that packs a punch! The beer is known for being both crisp and refreshing, so it's one of the best IPA beers for those who want to become more familiar with the style.
  4. Troegs Nugget Nectar Ale. This is one of the best IPA beers for those who love mixed flavors. This infuses the styles of Warrior, Nugget, and Tomohawk hops for a full-flavored explosion with every sip. This is one of those IPA beers which will knock you flat, so be sure to exercise caution and not to drink it if you prefer your Smirnoff Ice or Natural Lite.
  5. LaConner India Pale Ale. This is one of the best IPA beers for purists of the craft. This drink contains actual hop flowers in the bottle, giving it an almost Guinness-like quality in terms of presentation. The flavor is full as it is bitter, so it's sure to extinguish any and all burning sensations in your mouth. Like the other IPA beers on this list, this drink is best accompanied with spicy food.



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