Iphone 4 Tricks

iPhone 4 tricks are some of the most interesting features of Apple's famous smartphone. These come in extremely handy when you want to learn all the ins and outs of the iPhone 4 and use some really cool features on your device. These are basically apps for the iPhone 4 and will make using your device easier and more convenient.

You will need:

  • iPhone 4
  1. Preserve battery life. One of the best iPhone 4 tricks is to conserve your battery. To do this, you should disable features that use up a lot of power on your iPhone. These include Wi-Fi, notifications and location services. You should use these only when you absolutely need them. Also, turning off auto-brightness on your LCD screen will help as well.
  2. Keep enough memory free. Another helpful trick with your iPhone 4 is to make sure you have enough memory on your device at all times. If you download a lot of movies, this can eat up your memory very quickly. Make sure to leave at least half a gig of memory so that you can use everything on your iPhone 4 and not suffer from the device freezing up.
  3. Set a Password. One of the best iPhone tricks is to set a password on your device. This will lock your iPhone 4 when it is not in use, and this will protect your device if you happen to leave it somewhere or lose it in a public place. Tap "Settings," then "General" and "Passcode Lock" to set a password.
  4. Saving images on Safari. One very useful iPhone 4 trick is to save images from your Safari web browser. This is relatively easy, as you merely touch the image you want to save and keep your finger on it until a menu appears. Then, choose the "Save Image" option.
  5. Create a larger keyboard. This is an extremely helpful iPhone 4 trick if you prefer a wider, shorter keyboard to type on. Simply turn your iPhone 4 horizontally, then tap the address bar. You will now have a horizontal keyboard on your device, which may make typing a little easier.
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