IPhone Parts

Apple designers certainly outdid themselves when they came up with iPhone parts. They completely changed the way mobile phones are created. For consumers, it changed their mobile phone experience, enjoying the features that older phones don’t have. With newer generations, the iPhone promises to be the mobile phone to watch out for.   These revolutionary iPhone parts are what made the model popular, sought after and a trailblazer in the industry.

  1. Housing– Made of engineered glass used in helicopters and trains, this iPhone part is strengthened by chemicals in order to be 30 times harder than plastic. It is also 20 times stiffer, making it durable and scratch-resistant. This is probably one of the best iPhone parts that Apple offers, being that mobile phones are susceptible to dropping and damages.
  2. LCD Display – The screen boasts of the highest resolution ever done on cellular phones. Its pixel density is more than 300 per inch. The smaller pixels developed by Apple engineers make it impossible for the naked eye to distinguish a pixel from another, making the details sharp and graphic thanks to this iPhone part.
  3. A4 Chip– This is one of the iPhone parts that users are not aware of. Because of this powerful chip, the iPhone can multitask. It can perform complex jobs while still conserving battery life.
  4. Camera– One of the iPhone parts that make the phone very popular is the camera. You can shoot high density photos and videos and it can capture photos even in low light because the LED acts as a flash when taking pictures. The built-in front camera is also perfect for shooting self-portraits to make sure that you capture your whole image. 
  5. Mic and Speaker– These are two iPhone parts that complete the model.  It is very useful during calls because it can filter noise. It is also very useful during video and sound recordings because of the high pick up ability and the suppression of distracting background noise.
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