Iphone Stuck In Recovery Mode Problem

If you are suffering from the iPhone stuck in recovery mode problem, then you should know how to fix it. This occurs when your iPhone goes into recovery mode whenever you connect it to iTunes. There are a few solutions that exist to solve this problem, ensuring that your iPhone begins working normally, and one of them is the most popular.

To fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode problem, you will need

  • A jailbroken iPhone
  • A computer with iTunes and internet access
  1. Ensure that you have redsn0w installed. redsn0w is an application which is used to jailbreak iPhones. If your iPhone is jailbroken, it is probable that you used redsn0w. If not, download it (a simple google search can help you find it) and run it. 
  2. Restore your iPhone. When redsn0w is open, select "Original 3GS Firmware" and click "restore". A message box should pop up asking you to reconfirm whether you want to reinstall the original firmware on your iPhone. Select "yes".
  3. Now download Custon 3GS IPSW. A simple google search should show you a list of websites to download it from. Avoid downloading from sleazy websites, as these can potentially infect your computer with harmful malware. Opt for download links from official websites instead. When the download completes, save it on your desktop.
  4. Now restore your firmware. Open iTunes, and while holding down the "Shift" button on your keyboard, press the "Restore" button. A menu will open from which you'll need to select your firmware. Select the custom firmware you downloaded in the previous step and restore it with iTunes.
  5. After the restore, you will need to open redsn0w again. You will know that the restore is completed when iTunes tells you so. Then simply open redsn0w, and through it, restore your iPhone (repeat step two). Select only Cydia through the drop down menu and it will restore your device with the new custom firmware. Now your iPhone should be fixed, and the phone stuck in recovery mode should be over.
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