Ipod Commercial Songs

These great iPod commercial songs are all entertaining songs you'll love at any time. Apple is known for finding excellent songs for their commercials, and these are all great examples of their excellent music choices. You won't want to miss out on buying these great songs.

  1. Chairlift, "Bruises": This great song was featured in one of Apple's greatest iPod's commercial. The song itself made the commercial amazing with its catchy lyrics and beats. The song is about a female learning to do handstands for a boy, and she gets bruises along the way. It truly is one of the best iPod commercial songs.
  2. Metro Station, "Shake it": This is one of the best songs to be featured in an apple commercial. The band is American pop band that had many great hits until their unfortunate break up in 2010. There is no doubt that this is a great Apple iPod commercial song that anyone will love.
  3. Coldplay, "Speed of Sound": This song made a tremendous commercial for Apple iPod and Itunes. The world became introduced to a new Coldplay song from the band's "X&Y album." This iPod commercial song was a true hit and helped create an amazingly artistic commercial.
  4. Propellerheads, "Take California": This outstanding song was used in 2001 for an iPod intro commercial. This song is fast-paced and exciting that highlighted the great playability the 1G iPod had. This is an iPod commercial song you'll find yourself listening to frequently.
  5. Daft Punk, "Technologic": This is an excellent iPod commercial song that was featured in Apple's 4G iPod commercial. It features electronic beats and robotic voices, making it great for dancing and movement. This is an iPod commercial song that was expertly chosen, a true gem as a commercial choice.
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