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People tend to wonder if their iPod Nano has any applications available and in a sense there are some options. They are called iPod Click Wheel Apps, are also known as iPod Nano Apps and are available for download in the iTunes store. These applications consist mainly of games, with some SAT prep guides available as well. These iPod Nano Apps are priced from $0.99 to $4.99 and can be used with 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation iPod Nanos and other devices. Based on number of consumer ratings and a rating system of one to five stars, these are the top ten IPod Nano Apps available in the iTunes store.


  1. "Peggle" by PopCap Games, Inc.  This game received 4 ½ stars with 1,956 ratings, this is an arcade-style adventure where the player uses ten magic powers to clear 55 levels of shooter style action. There are 75 master challenges and you can play alone or with a friend.
  2. "Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes" by Square Enix.  This game ranked 4 ½ stars with 1,883 ratings in the iTunes universe. The creators of Final Fantasy have made this the first musical role playing game where you select songs from your own device to create “tune troopers” that fight off the evil presence.
  3. "Zuma" by PopCap Games, Inc.   This popular iPod Nano App came in with 4 ½ stars and 1,427 ratings. Zuma is an action packed puzzle game that takes you into dozens of temples where you shoot balls from a stone frog to match colors and make combos for extra points.
  4. "Monopoly" by Electronic Arts, Inc.  This iPod Nano App ranked 4 stars with 4,577 ratings. This is a version of the classic board game that allows you to play by yourself, with the iPod, or with up to four friends. There are three levels of difficulty for most ages of the family and the app features animated tokens and properties.
  5. "Phase" by MTV Games – Harmonix.  Phase came in with 4 stars out of 4,277 ratings. This is a music based game based on your own selection from your iPod Nano library. The iPod chooses a game play level based on the tune you chose and you play by catching notes, sweeps, and phrases in the song.
  6. "Sonic the Hedgehog" by Sega.  This original classic game adventure came in with 4 stars from 2,886 ratings. Sonic has to save his friends from a mad doctor in this original title brought to Sega lovers in the form of an iPod Nano App. Giving players the ability to save on any stage–this game features all six stages from the original.
  7. "Asphalt 4" by Elite Racing.  Receiving 4 stars and 2,838 ratings, this game lets you choose from 10 super cars and bikes to race in one of the five modes, from one of seven cities under various weather conditions in a fun filled 3D graphic environment.
  8. "Pac-Man" by Namco Networks America, Inc.  This iPod Nano App ranked 4 stars with 2,164 ratings and claims to be “a faithful reproduction of the famous arcade classic” With all 256 of the original maze levels, the game promises hours of old-school arcade fun.
  9. "UNO" by Gameloft S.A.  Uno received 4 stars of 1,767 rankings and allows you to play against the iPod or in multi-player mode with your friends. Play the classic version with traditional rules or choose from nine different rules for hours of fun.
  10. "Mini Golf" by Electronic Arts, Inc.  Mini Golf is our last iPod Nano App ranking 4 stars and 1,554 ratings. This game can be played alone or with a friend with three themed courses and three game modes to choose from. This game is based on aiming the camera to make the shot.
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