Ipod Touch Problems

Although Apple has a great reputation for producing high quality devices, owners can still experience iPod Touch problems. These are frustrating and annoying, causing the iPod Touch owner to feel hopeless.

  1. Device freezing. This is one of the most common and irritating iPod Touch problem. All iPods are susceptible to suddenly freezing right in the middle of an operation, whether it be synchronizing or using the device. This problem can be rectified by resetting the iPod Touch by pressing and holding the "Menu" and "Hold" buttons simultaneously.
  2. Slow running. The iPod Touch is often a victim of its processes running too slowly. This is a software problem with the device that can usually be fixed by updating to the latest version. iPod Touch customers are urged to regularly update their software.
  3. Music stopping. It's not unusual for music to stop playing while browsing the Internet on the Safari browser. This is the most common and annoying iPod Touch problem.
  4. Wi-Fi not connecting. Owners have complained about this issue with their iPod Touch. Wi-Fi will not connect, although the device picks up several network connections that are available.
  5. Song repetition. Under normal circumstances, a song will not repeat unless you specifically choose to replay it. A problem many iPod Touch users have is that a song will automatically replay. This is annoying when you are expecting to hear the next song on an album.
  6. Refusal to turn on. Sometimes, an iPod Touch will refuse to turn on, even when fully charged. This is one of the worst iPod Touch problems and can cause alarm in owners of the device. This problem is solved once the USB cable is connected to the iPod Touch and it is hooked up to a computer.
  7. Quits application by itself. Another common iPod Touch problem is the device quitting an application on its own. This usually happens when an application is running for awhile. To fix this issue, you have to reset your device and restart the application.
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