IPod Touch Screen Not Working

When your iPod Touch screen is not working, it probably is not a manufacturing defect, but something else that is causing the problem. When this happens, you will no doubt want to know how to rectify it. Any number of problems can be behind the device's screen ceasing to work. To fix this annoying issue, read about solutions listed below.

  1. Do a hard reset. If your iPod Touch screen suddenly stops working, performing a hard reset is a good idea. Slide the lock switch back and forth and press the "Menu" and "Start" buttons simultaneously.
  2. Unplug your device. If your iPod Touch is connected to your computer via its USB cable, disconnect it. This may or may not end the problem with the screen not working. If you lose any items on your iPod Touch, you can also restore them the next time you connect it to your computer by syncing iTunes.
  3. Turn off auto brightness. This is necessary, as it can reduce the flickering of the iPod Touch screen. At times, this is necessary to fix defects with the screen. If your iPod Touch screen is not working, this may actually take care of the problem.
  4. Check battery life. Another reason your iPod Touch screen may not work is due to the battery. Make sure to inspect the battery life to see whether it is drained. If it is, then you can easily fix the problem of the iPod Touch screen not working by connecting your device to your computer with the USB cable.
  5. Press on the bottom right corner of the device. Unfortunately, electronic devices are not perfect, and Apple's products are certainly no exception. A good troubleshooting tactic to try when your iPod Touch screen does not work is to apply pressure to the back and bottom right-hand corner of the device. This is a temporary fix, and you may need to replace your iPod Touch.
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