Ipod Touch Screen Replacement

When the screen on your device becomes cracked or broken, it will be necessary to learn about iPod Touch screen replacement. This is important, as your device can be compromised by damages and cease to operate properly. If you have to replace the screen on your iPod Touch, you can do so by following a few key steps.

You will need:

  • Tiny flat-head screwdriver
  • Small Phillips head screwdriver
  • iPod Touch screen
  1. Remove the screen. If you decide to replace your iPod Touch screen on your own, a tiny flat-head screwdriver will come in handy for this activity. Insert it through a seam in your iPod Touch and move it along the edges of the device.
  2. Remove the battery. You will have to remove your device's battery so that you can effectively work without damaging it. Pull it up gently to remove it so that you can move on to replacing the screen of your iPod Touch.
  3. Remove the screws holding the screen intact. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws inside your device. This is necessary to do prior to the iPod Touch screen replacement.
  4. Loosen the screen's screws. This will enable you to pull the screen off of your iPod Touch. Remove the screws and set them aside so that you don't lose them. You will then be able to replace the screen of your iPod Touch with the new one.


  • Have the device repaired. If you do not feel you could manage repairing the iPod Touch yourself, you can send it to it's manufacturer, Apple, for repair. However, keep in mind that replacement of the iPod Touch screen will cost you money. Of course, if you bought your device online and it was delivered to your home with a cracked or broken screen, this will be free of charge.
  • Go to the Genius Bar. If you have an Apple store in your area, take your iPod Touch there. Go to the Genius Bar, which is the area where the technicians are in the store, and ask them if they can replace the screen. You will have to pay them for their services.



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