Irish Bike Racing History

As you probably know, Irish bike racing history is rich and well developed. Motorcycle racing in Ireland, although less prominent than other areas of the world, is varied and beautiful. Want to get into Irish bike racing history? Well then, delve in friend.

The Motorcycle Racing Association of Ireland is the official governing body of biking in the land of the Irish. The MRAI, as it is often called, oversees motocross, supermoto and quadcross, while giving valuable insight into the bike racing history of Ireland. Apart of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland, this organization hosts many adult, youth and professional competitions to encourage the sport's prominence within Ireland.

The Irish Classic Racing Association has records since 2009. Given this data, it's easy to say bike racing history in Ireland is relatively brief, albeit recorded. The sport still has a long way to go as far as gaining worldwide attention. Media giants, at this point, tend to broadcast American and large European tournaments and competitions, but diversity is coming. The bike racing history of Ireland is still being made to this day.

However, according to the Irish Classic Racing Association, races have been held since the early 80's. The 1970's saw the Classics take their first impression upon the UK, moving its influence to the land of the Irish not too long after. Irish bike racing history soon formed and gave rise to bigger, more organized association of racers in Ireland.

With a struggling market for Classic racing, Japanese bikes soon began to take over in the 90's. Die hard European motorcycle fans were disappointed due to the overwhelming purchasing of Hondas. Regardless, the rise of the Honda K4 proved to offer great performance that was within Irish racers' budgets. Bike racing history in Ireland could have literally been put on hold without cheaper models.

Although struggling at points, Irish bike racing history has shown that competitive sporting to a smaller audience can be fun. Irish motorcycle racing can be surprisingly exhilarating in the beautiful land of Ireland; especially considering the bike racing history of the place is so short. So, next time you hit up the beautiful greens of Ireland for a nice ride, remember its bike racing history, and how others fought to make the sport such a success in the region.



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