Iron Maiden Discography

Put your horns in the air and bask in the awesomeness of the Iron Maiden discography. Iron Maiden is one of many Metal bands that made the NWOBHM–New Wave of British Heavy Metal–possible. If it wasn’t for the Iron Maiden discography, Metal may not have gone mainstream.

  1. “Iron Maiden” This is the album that defined Iron Madien’s sound and paved the way for the NWOBHM to sweep through the 80s, making it a piece of the Iron Maiden discorgraphy that every fan should own.
  2. “Killers” A bitter sweet peice of the Iron Maiden discography; this album was their fist with Adrian Smith on gutiar and the last album with Paul Di Anno on vocals.
  3. “Number of the Beast” If you own one album in the Iron Maiden discorgraphy it should be this one. “Run for the Hills” and  “Hallowed Be Thy Name” are  small chunks of sonic bliss.
  4. “Piece of Mind” This album is one of the more cerebral in the Iron Maiden discogrphy. The lyrics of “Trooper” and “Still Life” have a mystical surrealist quality that are as heavy as they are thought provoking.
  5. “Powerslave”  This bit of the Iron Maiden discography contains “The  Rime of the Ancient Miner”, a musical retelling of Samual Taylor Coleridge’s poem by the same name. At 13 minutes 34 seconds, it is the longest Iron Maiden to date.
  6. “Somewhere in Time”  Despite being a brilliant album, there things in this peice of the Iron Maiden discogrphy seem to have fallen by the way side. While “Wasted Years” and “Heaven Can Wait” are staples of their live show “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” is rarely played live.
  7. “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”  This piece of the Iron Maiden discography is Iron Maiden at the top of their game. It expands on the sound developed in “Somewhere in Time” and spawned the brutality known as “Can I Play with Madness” and “The Evil the Men Do”.
  8. “No Prayer for the Dying”  This album marks Iron Maiden’s first line up change since 1983. This album also marks a brief time in the Iron Maiden discography where they departed from their gutiar and synth sound to a more bare bone rock sound.
  9. “Fear the Dark” The last album in the Iron Maiden discography to feature Bruce Dickenson on lead vocals. And as sad it was to see Bruce go, at least he left “From Here to Eternity” and “Judas Be My Guide” for us to rock out to.
  10. “The X Factor”  The first album in the Iron Maiden discography to feature Blaze Bayley on lead vocals, this Iron Maiden album got mixed reviews as fans were doubious of Blaze’s lower range vocals. But despite the inital misgivings the album was embraced for the dark brutality put across by “Lord of the Flies” and “Man on the Edge”.
  11. “Virtual XI”  The second and final album in the Iron Maiden discography to feature Blaze Bayley on vocals, it also marked a more experimental stage for Iron Maiden as the experiented with more synthetic sounds.
  12. “Brave New World” Metal heads everywhere rejoyced when this piece of the Iron Maiden discography was released because it marked the triumphant return of Bruce Dickenson on lead vocals.
  13. “Dance of Death  Where every other album in the Iron Maiden discography was released in the UK or the US first, this album dropped in Japan before it unleashed its fury on the rest of humanity. The “Dance with Death” world tour followed soon after the albums release and the band reintroduced their theatrical stage presence to the world. “
  14. Matter of Life and Death” Almost everything in the Iron Maiden discography is defined by darkness and chaos, this album has a darkness to it comes from a deep well of personal pain. It’s that under current of pain that makes “Lord of Light” and “Different World” killer songs.
  15. “The Final Frontier” The fifteenth album in the Iron Maiden discography is a testement to Iron Maiden’s logevity and unbridled awesomeness. “El Dorado” and “The Man Who Would Be King” are proof positive that the band has hardly lost a step in their 31 year career.



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