Iron Rich Foods To Eat After Working Out

Iron rich foods to eat after working out are often chosen as a post-exercise meal to help with the recovery period that occurs after exercise. The foods that you choose should include natural foods that have other important nutrients. Try to avoid processed foods that may add too many refined carbohydrates to your diet. Here are some iron rich foods to eat after working out that can help to replenish your body's nutrients.

  1. Green, leafy vegetables, particularly those that are dark green, are generally high in iron. Iron rich foods like collard greens, some types of lettuce, kale and spinach all have high iron content for your after-workout meal.
  2. Meals that include mollusks will give you a boost of iron. Mollusks like oysters and clams are iron rich foods that will also give you some of the protein you need to maintain your muscle mass. 
  3. Make an egg yolk omelet. The egg whites may be the part of the egg that health enthusiasts are most interested in, but the egg yolk is what has the iron. 
  4. Eat a box of raisins. The high iron content and convenient packaging of raisins make them one of the most convenient iron rich foods to eat after working out.
  5. Eat artichokes in your post-workout meal. If you want to eat non-iron rich foods after your workout, you can add a few artichoke leaves to your meal to increase the iron content. Artichoke can be added to salads, sandwiches, into your cooked meals and even baked into bread.
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