Isagenix Side Effects

Before trying out the popular weight loss and “body cleansing” system for yourself, it’s essential to know all possible Isagenix side effects. Sold in a so-called “network marketing” fashion similar to companies like Pre-Paid Legal and Amway, Isagenix is a series of products designed for both general wellness and weight loss. Specifically, this includes shakes, soups, snacks, and supplements in pill form.  When taken in proper sequence and under correct guidelines, Isagenix products are supposed to kick-start a body transformation of course. But, as with any major dietary change, one can expect a chance of side effects with Isagenix. Below are some of the most pertinent examples. 

  1. Tiredness. Though the products themselves contain mostly B vitamins and herbal ingredients such as berry extracts, peppermint, and Suma root, there is a good chance that you will experience some amount of lethargy when following the Isagenix system. After all, like most other weight loss programs, the plan’s secret is in reality simple calorie reduction. And by rule, the less energy you take in, the less you will have to expend.
  2. Gas and bloating. One of the active ingredients in Isagenix cleansing products is a natural substance called Inositol. This substance is included because it is believed that calming, relaxing effects result from its ingestion. But in controlled studies, it has been reported that the incidence of side effects including excessive gas and minor bloating can occur with Inositol, and in effect Isagenix products.
  3. Slight risk of stomach acid imbalances. A separate ingredient, known scientifically as Betaine Hydrochloride, is another side effect inducing facet of the Isagenix product series. Its purpose is to increase stomach acid production and benefit overall digestion. If you have a history of heartburn or stomach ulcers, though, Betaine Hydrochloride is not recommended. The substance is found naturally in some grains, but there’s no need to increase the risk of stomach problems with extra intake of it.
  4. Potential unknown long-term side effects. To be fair, the ingredients in Isagenix products are legitimately natural, and are for the most part known by regulators and consumers. But Isagenix products, because they are only supplemental, are not regulated by the FDA. Therefore, no inquiries into the long-term side-effects of the use of Isagenix have been made. It is up to the company itself to completely oversee the quality control and safety of its cleansing and weight loss products. Consumers should be aware of this, and make their decisions about trying Isagenix accordingly. 
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